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Letters of Gratitude, by the boys


The start of the new year has been exciting and fun in many ways for our boys, from making new friends to winning football matches. However, it has also been a solemn occasion with the passing of our late Queen, so it is no surprise that the boys have many questions about her history, life and work, as well as the events in the news.

In History lessons this week, we discussed her life of service and what that meant to so many people across the world. We had many interesting discussions, and some senior boys wrote letters of gratitude in their prep time. I have been moved by their thoughtful and personal comments and knowledge of the work of the late Queen, and I would like to share just a few of them here.

Joy Bailey
Head of History and Year 8


'Thank you for all the work for Britain ... You watched Britain modernise and change, and you embraced every new decade warmly. Your happy and forgiving nature was known worldwide, and you were loved for it. You were not afraid to advise your PMs, and you have done so much in your lifetime that no one can write it all. May you rest in peace and rise in glory.' Adam


 'I greatly admire how you sent out and broadcast inspirational messages in WWII to give your people hope in trying times ... and coped so well with the death of your husband. I also remember how we celebrated your Platinum Jubilee and had a great party at Pilgrims' to celebrate 70 years on the throne. You gave a speech every Christmas when you showed your humour, great intelligence and kindness to everyone around you.'  George

'I am a big fan of your passion for the Commonwealth. This work has improved relations with lots of other countries, increased trade and ... promoted our values. About your personality, I hear that you had a wicked sense of humour.' Rohan

'I am amazed at what you accomplished in your lifetime ... and I loved your sense of humour and love of dogs. I admire that you visited over one hundred places in the world and were the world's best diplomat.'  Zachary

'I am writing to thank you for all of your services across the span of your 96 years. Thank you for helping the country gain the trust of other nations and helping the country prosper. Your Majesty made our country international through your foreign tours, holding banquets for world leaders and improving trade relations through the Commonwealth. Your Majesty will be remembered as a great Queen!' Seth




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