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Pre-Prep News, Friday 21 January


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From Mrs Ross

The theme of 'kindness' has continued this week in assemblies.  Our first 'kindness leaves' are ready to hang on the 'Kindness tree' in the Pre-Prep Hall. I am delighted to have heard about so many acts of kindness, noticed by boys and staff this week in the Pre-Prep.

On Wednesday we welcomed Attilio and Scipio into our school. The boys have settled so quickly and made many friends. The Year 2 boys have shown such compassion and thoughtfulness whilst welcoming Caspar back into school this week and Caspar has not stopped smiling!

Pilgrims' Shell awards

Reception - to Attilio for a fantastic first three days at Pilgrims'

Year 1 - Theodore for his super work in 'Read, Write Inc' Lessons and always trying his best and to Teddy W for his wonderful work in 'Read, Write Inc Lessons.

Year 2 - William C for his hard work and 'can do' attitude, Caspar for coping brilliantly with his return to school in a wheelchair and to Scipio for his wonderful first three days at Pilgrims'


Year 1

The boys have all worked very hard this week.  We have really got into our castle topic and now know about The Battle of Hastings.  Ask us which person we thought should have been the King at the time and why!  There were four to choose from!

We have been busy working on our final "coat of arms" design and have painted them onto card to display in the classroom.  We thought carefully about our own personalities and qualities and the pictures and colours we used represented these.  Some of us are brave, strong, want peace in the world and want to protect our friends.  Some super ideas and very thought-provoking discussions.  

In Maths we have been working on number bonds to 10 and 20 using different methods of calculation and using a systematic approach.  In Literacy as well as Read Write Inc we have been reading the story "The Knight who wouldn't fight" and making predictions about what the characters in the story are like.  We loved the story and will be writing our own versions over the next few weeks using this as a guide.

Great work this week boys!  Well done.
Mrs Huntley



It has been another busy week in the Reception class with numbers being a focus. The boys have made numbers out of play dough and have written numbers on the interactive whiteboard. They have worked with a partner to make their own "teen" number lines too. Well done, boys, you have all been working very hard!

There was a wonderful momentous moment on Tuesday afternoon when two boys had made it up to the top of their ladder, earning ten steps ups, for which they made their very own certificate, for making good choices. Congratulations, super work, boys! 



Card/Board game Commoner: A group of boys were introduced to the game Go Fish while others played Snakes and Ladders. Next week, we are hoping to play Uno. If any boys are willing to bring in their game from home to share during our Commoner,  I would be most grateful. All games will be returned home the same evening. 
Mrs Kent


Forest School

In Year R’s Forest School session, we chatted about where we think small animals might be hiding during the winter months. Using magnifying glasses, the boys went on the hunt for homes. After making our discoveries the boys decided they would try and make some new homes for these little animals using leaves, sticks, bark and stone. The boys were very pleased with their creations and proudly showed each other.

During Year 1’s lesson we chatted about the birds and did a little bird spotting too. We discussed how at this time of year it was harder for the birds to find food, so decided to give them a helping hand by creating some fruit garlands and fat ball fir cones. The boys then hung these in the apple trees and watched carefully to see if any birds visited.

The boys in Year 2 learned about woodland mapping and as a class created a map of the arboretum using natural items. The boys observed their surroundings carefully and worked cooperatively with their partner. At the end of the session I introduced the boys to some outdoor yoga.
Mrs Walker



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