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Pre-Prep News, Friday 18 February


I am writing this just after our Pre-Prep story time on Zoom today....

From Mrs Ross

Thank you to those who were able to attend. (It was wonderful to see so many siblings too!) Although this was not the end to the half-term that we were anticipating, it was lovely to be able to celebrate the boys' achievements and share our Shell Awards with so many members of our Pre-Prep community. I hope that you all stay safe and wish you a very happy half-term holiday.

Pilgrims' Shell awards

Year 2 - to Zachary, Teddy, Edward, William, Abhinav, Wilfrid, Daniel for their fantastic work during RWI zoom with Mrs James on Thursday this week.  (Mrs Ross was so proud of this whole group when she brought a visitor through the lesson!)

Year 1 - to Oliver -  for his super reading - (even when he thought the words looked too hard, he read the story beautifully hardly needing any help!) 

Reception - to Atillio - for his creativity and imagination, during our 'Crossing the Road' role play.


Year 2

I am so proud of the wonderful start that the Year 2 boys have made in using their Times Table Rockstars accounts. Many of them have told me that they are enjoying practising using this programme and their multiplication and division knowledge has been pleasingly obvious when I have been working with them on Zoom. It was great to hear Rupert applying his knowledge so well during a statistics task in lesson by telling me he could use his five times table to quickly add up a total on a pictogram - what a fantastic example of making links in his learning! I hope that the Year 2 boys continue to enjoy practising their tables and division facts over half-term and wish you all a wonderful break!

Year 2 boys with their Times Tables certificates.

The boys ended this half-term with a fun art lesson, making links with their science topic - amphibians. They each made a frog mask, using water colours.
Mrs Thorne


Year 1

What a super week we have had in Year 1 and to me this whole half-term has zoomed by!  

The boys have covered a lot of learning through different experiences, activities, fun, laughter, and experimentation this week. In maths, we have started to think about number and place value.  Which numbers are greater/fewer than other numbers and where these numbers sit on a number-line. This concept will continue after the holidays. Great understanding shown so far.

During topic afternoons the boys have been busily creating Knights from collage materials such as tin foil, foam, and card.  While making there have been some articulate conversations about what it might have been like to be a Knight and how heavy the armour must have really been.  

Mod-rock was a bit of a fun experiment! The boys designed a helmet that they will make from mod rock (this is basically plaster of Paris strips used like papier mache). The fun started when the blown-up balloons were covered with the gooey strips. Some balloons coped well under the pressure of the mod rock while others did not! A very good start be continued...

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the boys and getting to know them all very well in such a short space of time. They have all worked so hard and truly deserve a fabulous week of fun, relaxation and family time; as do you all.

Happy holiday, and I look forward to working with you all next half-term.
Mrs Huntley




Over the last few weeks in PSHE / SCARF, the boys have been learning how to stay safe in their home, classroom and outside. This week they had much fun with Role-play - crossing the road

We used chalk to draw a road and a zebra crossing on the ground and then the children took turns being either vehicles on the road or pedestrians needing to cross the road. They enjoyed riding around on the bikes, stopping for pedestrians who would like to cross.

Have a lovely half-term, boys, and remember to stop, look, and listen when crossing the road with an adult.

Mrs Kent



Forest School

It was Year R’s turn to look after the birds this week. The boys spent some time trying to spot and identify the different types of birds as well as listening to beautiful bird song. The boys enjoyed creating some fat ball fir cones using lard, cheese and raisins, creating a food trail for the birds as well as trying to spot some more natural food sources for the birds.

Year 1 used nature to help them learn about the human body, which is part of their Science curriculum. They created a stick outline of a human body and linked the parts of the body to our senses. We enjoyed singing ‘Them Bones’ together at the end of our session.

This week Year 2 explored repeated patterns in nature and using natural items. The boys worked in pairs to explore different patterns and challenged each other to spot their pattern. We also had great fun performing repeated patterns using sounds.
Mrs Walker














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