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Pre-Prep News, Friday 11 February


'Growing Together' has been the theme for our 'Wellbeing Week' at school.

From Mrs Ross

This theme has seemed even more appropriate in the light of the new growth in nature which we noticed during our sunny Forest School sessions this week. In our Assembly on Monday, we passed around a section of trunk from my Christmas Tree. The boys talked about things that might help trees and plants to grow, whilst focusing upon the rings within the wood. The boys were quick to explain that plenty of sunshine, warmth and water would lead to a good year's growth and perhaps a wider ring on the pattern. In contrast, we agreed that too much sun or water in the form of drought or flood, might prevent growth. 

Next week I shall be collecting ideas of what the boys think we all need, to grow and thrive together at school!

Noodles anyone?


Pilgrims' Shell awards

Year 2 - to Alfred for his kindness, thoughtfulness and willingness to put other pupils before himself and to Teddy for determination and greater care in completing set tasks independently to a high standard

Year 1 - to Darcy for excellent writing particularly in Read Write Inc.

Reception - to James for his artwork


Half-term starts on Friday 18 February; Pre-Prep finish time is 12:00.

Year 2

Year 2 have had a fun-filled week continuing with their Africa topic; they have been learning about the different parts of animals that live in Africa.  Baxter told me that giraffes have blue tongues and tiny ears!  Elephants are the largest land animals in the world and the boys learnt that they use their tusks to dig and their trunks to drink.  The boys also told me that elephants drink mud and squirt it on their backs. They secretly added that they would like to do this too!  (sorry parents!)

In Science, the boys have been learning about amphibians.  Can you ask your son what he has remembered? 
Frogs were the main topic of interest: camouflaged, poisonous, blue, and huge!   


Mrs Thorne

Year 1

The boys have worked very hard this week on a variety of activities. They have loved finding out more about Knights and how young boys learnt how to become a Knight from starting at the Page level, progressing on to the Squire level and finally being dubbed and becoming an actual Knight between the ages of 18-23. They wrote diary entries as if they were a Page or Squire and learnt more about different parts of a Knight's armour. Where do you think a gauntlet was worn? Split pin Knight paper craft was created and added to our class castle. We now have 10 brave Knights to guard over our classroom.

In Maths, the boys have explored larger number subtraction by jumping backwards to 10 (bridging back) and taking away the remainder. They have worked hard both practically and, in their recordings, as it can be a tricky method to grasp!  Great effort, boys; keep practising!

There have been some fabulous setting ideas for the new stories that are being planned so far. One Knight is going to meet his scary mythical creature in the gloomy forest, one in the deep ocean and one in the cold icebergs of Antarctica.  I can't wait to find out more! The boys have some fabulous creative ideas.

It is a joy to take the boys swimming. They clearly enjoy the whole experience and are fully engaged and progressing with their confidence and technique.  

Well done with all the hard work and effort this week boys, keep up the good work.
Mrs Huntley





How long is just one minute? This was the challenge the boys set out to discover this week while building a tower out of bricks. After counting how many bricks they had managed to stack in one minute they had to rebuild it, attempting to beat their score. Well done, boys, you all showed much focus and determination. 

The Dreaming Giant, a children’s book inspired by artist Wassily Kandinsky had the boys produce some wonderful artwork. They were all very proud of their colourful creations, some giving meaning to their marks, while others choosing to follow the abstract style of painting.  


Mrs Kent  


Forest School

This week in Year R’s Forest School session we retold the story of the Adventures of Leaf Man. On arriving at the Arboretum, the boys were asked what they think a ‘Leaf Man’ would look like. Using a range of different leaves, the boys used their imagination to create their very own version of the ‘Leaf Man’.

There was plenty of excitement at the beginning of Year 2’s session when they revealed the ice art we had created last week. The boys proudly hung their artwork in the Pilgrims’ garden for everyone to see, for a limited time only of course! The boys also created some giant letters this week using sticks and leaves. Some initials were easier to make than others and the boys shared their experiences with each other at the end of the session.
Mrs Walker











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