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Pre-Prep News, Friday 4 February


Today's Celebration Assembly became a master class...


From Mrs Ross

Today's Celebration Assembly became a master class in data handling, as the Pre-Prep boys and I grappled with finding an effective way to display our Show-Up set totals for the week!  Much counting of marbles and halving of numbers was carried out, along with counting in twos and shading in blocks. Our final block graph was conclusive: Romans are in the lead!  Alexander, in Year 1, summarised the situation very succinctly by declaring "We have a lot of work to do guys!"

Pilgrims' Shell awards

Year 2 - Rupert for his outstanding determination to complete his African art work to a very high standard
Year 1 - Teddy J for fantastic mathematics with Mrs Huntley
Reception - Ian L for fantastic focus during PE lesson this week


Every week a French badge is given to a boy in each year who excels in French.  We are currently missing some badges. If you do have any at home, please could they be returned to school as soon as possible. Please hand to your class teacher or to Mrs Beverton. Merci beaucoup!


Year 2

It has been such a treat to see the boys via Zoom over the past few weeks. They have been fantastic during our Maths lessons every day, listening and participating well. We have made good progress as a class in our understanding of multiplication and division. Next week, I will be introducing the boys to their Times Table Rock stars profiles and sending out information for parents to help you support your sons at home when practising their times tables using this scheme. Although I am very sad not to be in school with the boys, I have enjoyed seeing their work when I have popped in each weekend to leave the coming week's resources and it is lovely to see them doing their best and to catch up with them each day on Zoom.
Mrs James





In Read Write Inc. this week the blue group have been reading a non-fiction book, On your Bike. They have learnt how to have fun and be safe on their bikes. They were very impressed with Baxter and William's bikes; they passed all the safely checks with flying colours!  What would you check before you rode your bike? All the boys showed off their super writing skills, writing independently, Alfred even told us all to remember to take a backpack with an inner tube in it, in case we have a puncture!
Mrs Thorne



Year 1

The boys have enjoyed learning more about The Spring Festival/Chinese New Year this week.  They enjoyed listening to Dr Essex's assembly at the start of the week which helped them to think deeper about what this special time of the year is all about.  We have had a mini-topic week this week all about The Spring Festival.  We have used our creative skills of cutting, joining, folding, weaving, colouring, and drawing to create Chinese lanterns, dragons, tigers and lucky money wallets.  

We have listened to the story of The Great Race, where each of the 12 animals who raced to cross the river first was given a year named after it.  This is the year of the tiger.  We have learnt more about the celebrations that take place, the traditional foods eaten and why certain colours and acts are symbolic. Alongside The Spring Festival mini topic, the boys have been working on subtraction.  They have gained an excellent understanding of this and have challenged themselves to complete trickier number sentences using different mathematical resources to support if required.  

In Literacy, the boys have created their mythical creatures to go with the storybook 'The Knight who wouldn't fight', ready to expand on their story planning next week. Super work, boys!  A week full of creativity.
Well done.
Mrs Huntley



This week in PE, the boys worked hard learning three of the skills needed for the game of hockey: dribbling, passing and aiming. There was much focus and concentration needed to control the balls. Well done, boys, it was a great lesson. Mr Greenwood and I are very proud of you all.


On the hunt for metal objects out in the Reception garden, would you believe that the boys found over forty of them?  Counters were used to assist in their counting while others choose to record each object with a tick on their clipboard. 

There was also a lot of hard work going on during this week's Read Write Inc. sessions. 


Reception hard at work in their Read Write Inc. lessons. 
Mrs Kent  


Forest School

This week Reception celebrated our wonderful planet by making an earth-cake out of mud and decorating it with natural items. I was most impressed with the boys' creations. We also had a think about how in the future we could help protect our planet Earth. Some boys were able to share their ideas with the class and made some wonderful suggestions.

Year 1 were given a mathematical challenge this week in Forest School. They were asked to create a 3x3 grid out of 4 sticks and then using their collected natural items they had to try and see if they could make each row and column add up to 10. We then had some fun playing 20 questions based around nature.

After chatting about the how and why water freezes as well as learning how to make reef knots, Year 2 collected some wonderful natural items that could be used to create their ice art. Of course, we won’t see the results for a week, but the boys were very excited about their creations and tried to visualise how they will look. All will be revealed next week! We even had a little birthday celebration too at the end of our session with some delicious cupcakes!
Mrs Walker









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