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Pre-Prep News, Friday 18 March


This week has culminated in a wonderful Red Nose Day and Special Farewell Zoom Assembly for Mrs James. 

From Mrs Ross

Mrs James was delighted to receive a beautiful hand-made card from each class and some very special 'Thank you's' from her Year 2 boys.  We send Mrs James all our best wishes for good health and happiness, as she begins her exciting Maternity Leave!   


The sun has been shining all day today, and I am looking forward to attending the Pilgrims' Got Talent contest with the whole school, outside in the Quad. Thank you to all the Pre-Prep boys who auditioned for the Pilgrims' Got Talent contest this week. I have been entertained enormously! I am delighted to announce that we have one finalist, Daniel, who will be representing the Pre-Prep in the Grand Final this year!

I look forward to welcoming parents into our Open Classrooms next week between 0810 and 0830 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The boys are excited to be able to give you a tour of their classrooms and to look through their work books with you.


Monday 21 - Thursday 24 March 0810-0830   Open Classrooms for parents

Tuesday 22 March

Tues - Thurs


SCARF Workshops

Wednesday 23 March





Pre-Prep Parents' Evening
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Friday 25 March



Pre-Prep Open Morning



Pilgrims' Shell awards

Year 2 - to Baxter N-B for his outstanding work produced at home, and his 'can do' attitude.

Year 1 - to Teddy W for excellent progress with both reading and writing.

Reception - to William M, for his handwriting.  


Year 2

All Pre-Prep classes have been busy making 'goodbye and best of luck' cards for Mrs James! Read the lovely messages below they have written.



Year 2 also spent time thinking of all the special things they did with Mrs James and have written some lovely memories which they shared with her when she zoomed into the Pre-Prep assembly on Friday morning.

The memories included being kind, teaching and helping them with difficult maths problems, helping to learn their lines in the Christmas play, being so kind when one boy joined the school half-way through the year, to sew, English, and last but not least, one boy thanked Mrs James for teaching him how to wash his hands and not just pretend to do it!  


Best of luck Mrs James; we will all miss you and can't wait to meet the new addition to your family!
Mrs Thorne

Year 1

The boys have worked hard to finish their new version of 'The Knight who wouldn't fightover the term and are very proud of their final versions. They have created actual books using their story plans to support their writing. They are looking forward to sharing these with you next week, and hopefully you will be able to come into school to see them one morning.  



In Maths this week we have been exploring measurement, length, and height. We created a height order class line with some boys very close to being the same height. We chatted about age not being a comparison for height at this stage. Being 6 years old doesn't necessarily mean you will be taller! Some comparative work was then completed using objects around the classroom. How must we remember to compare lengths and heights accurately boys?  Some clear understanding shown using the correct vocabulary.



In topic this week we have been learning about Motte and Bailey castles, ready to make our own next week. Look out for some masterpieces to come home! We learnt what each part of a Motte and Bailey castle was for and why each section was built. Do you know what the bailey was used for and who lived in the buildings there?

Super work boys; well done. Have a great weekend and fingers crossed for sunshine.  
Mrs Huntley


Take a story and let the boys' imagination work its magic: Eric and the Red Planet by Caroline Glicksman. A space adventure with numbers was our basis for an afternoon's work/play in the Reception garden. The boys collaborated and as one put it, 'we are working as a team!' and 'We are making honey, like the bees!'

Co-operation and communication featured highly, as well as much discussion on how full the containers were and how we should 'pour it down here!' The boys worked hard to fill up the ten pots of honey (fuel for the space rocket), before landing on Mars (our sand tray), and digging for more. What a wonderful afternoon in the Spring sunshine. Well done, boys; it was a delight to support your learning and develop your ideas further. 

The boys have continued learning measurement, both length by making models of either 30cm or 100cm, and money and recognising coins. They have combined coins and visited our 'Snack Shop' each day. 

If you have a pot of coins lying around at home, please do allow your sons to sort the coins and begin to combine them to make a given amount; the boys are used to a cashless society and 'paying by card!'
Mrs Kent




Forest School

The birds are starting to think about building nests and so Year R thought they too might have a go at nest building as well, but safely on the ground or on the lower branches of trees! The boys also had the opportunity to decorate an egg for their nest as well as using some ID charts and books to find out more about birds.

Year 1 had a rather wet Forest School session this week, but that did not dampen our spirits! The boys explored sound in the woodlands and using a range of natural and manmade items, we created our own outdoor musical performance.

This week in Forest School, Year 2 explored shelters. Some boys worked as a team and learned how to put up a small tent and then enjoyed having their hot chocolate under canvas. Others explored making dead wood shelters out of sticks, grass and leaves for some small furry friends! 
Mrs Walker







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