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Pre-Prep News, Friday 25 March


Thank you...




From Mrs Ross

Thank you to all who were able to join us this week during our Open Classroom sessions. It was a pleasure to be able to invite parents into our classrooms. The excitement was palpable, as the boys shared their work with you so confidently and proudly. 

We shall be making this a regular Pre-Prep event!




Diary dates

Friday 1 April




Pre-Prep Celebration Assembly

Easter holidays begin

Wednesday 27 April


Summer term begins


Pilgrims' Shell awards

Year 2 - to George B for his continuous thought are care for younger pupils especially when they are out at break.

Year 1 - to Alexander L for excellent progress with handwriting.  It is beautiful!

Reception - to Will T, for fantastic PE and Games.

* * * * * * * * * *

Year 2

Maths: Year 2 have been busy learning about 3D shapes. They used lego bricks and counted the faces and edges of each shape they made. A cylinder was a good topic for investigation: does it have two or three faces?


Art: The boys learnt how to use watercolours this week and prepared a still life painting of a daffodil. 

Mrs Thorne

Year 1

How delightful to see the sunshine this week and to be able to cut down on our layers. It has been lovely to welcome parents into the classroom each morning and to share the work the boys have been doing this term. I know the boys have been thrilled to show you all they have done and are very proud of their achievements.  

The boys have been on great form this week and have enjoyed working outside on a variety of activities.

We have continued to work on measurement in our Maths sessions. The boys have been practising using a ruler to measure how long and short particular objects are. They have looked closely at rulers and how to use these using centimetres. They then used this knowledge to complete addition and subtraction questions related to combining measurements. Clear understanding shown.  Maybe you would like to measure things at home using a tape measure and see what you can find longer and shorter than one metre?


In our topic sessions the boys have enjoyed planting beans for Jack. Jack dropped one of his toys in the Giant's castle and having chopped the beanstalk down he now can't get back up to the castle and find it! Planting new beans may help him reach the castle again. Let's hope we look after our beans, and they grow tall enough! We read and followed instructions for planting beans and have planted two each, one in a flower pot with compost and one in a glass jar. We should be able to see exactly what happens to the beans in the glass jars and will then know what is going on inside the compost.

The boys made the mottes for their castle bases too. Different shades of green were mixed and then bowls were painted ready to stick onto the bases.  


One more week before the Easter holidays and let's hope this fabulous sunshine continues. Well done for all of your hard work this week boys.  
Mrs Huntley



There is a Bear on my Chair, was the starting point for some wonderful collaborative play outside this week, with the boys making a water slide for the bears. Much care was taken to ensure that the older, soft bears did not get wet, but had comfortable chairs to relax on and watch the fun! 

In Maths the boys have been counting to one hundred and comparing using the terminology, 'greater than' and 'less than'. 


They have also been developing their fine motor skills and learning how to sew. 

Well done, boys! We are very proud of your achievements.
Mrs Kent 

Year R and Year 1 having fun and working hard learning the skills needed for the game of Rugby,


Forest School

Following on from our bird theme last week, in Year R’s session we chatted about all the different birds there are and which were their favourites. Using natural materials some boys created their own imaginary birds whilst some went on a worm hunt! The boys dug enthusiastically and found plenty of worms!




This week in Forest School we linked our session to the Science curriculum in Year 1. The boys learned about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and sorted the names of different animals into the right groups. The boys were given time to go on the hunt for some animals and try and identify what they might eat.


Weaving and whittling was the theme this week for Year 2. The boys were introduced to a Nordic sling and with a partner were able to weave braids using this method. Some boys chose to weave using two small sticks and a figure-of-eight pattern, whilst others learned how to whittle using potato peelers. The boys were very pleased with their creations.



See the Nordic sling in action here. (The password is: shell)
Mrs Walker




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