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Pre-Prep News, Friday 10 November


We began the week by discussing the importance of Remembrance Day and how the poppies we wear are a symbol of hope and peace.

From Mrs Hall

The boys all listened attentively, and this was followed later in the week by Mrs Leslie reading some stories to Year 1 and 2. Each year group has continued their learning in different ways; Reception created some amazing poppy pictures. Year 1 focussed on animals and how they might be affected by war. Year 2 crafted some beautiful felt poppies, even making one for Mr Bell who commented on how lovely they were when he drove the Year 2 boys to swimming. 

Throughout the week, each year group also attended a SCARF workshop.  The SCARF workshops are run by Coram Education, and focus on all aspects of the SCARF acronym:

  • S - Safety
  • C - Caring
  • A - Achievement
  • R - Resilience
  • F - Friendship

The workshops were great fun and fully interactive.

We then had a positive Pilgrims' play session this morning with a group of pre-school children who thoroughly enjoyed their art and craft session. Please do share an invitation to these sessions with friends and family. They are free to attend, and the children will join in with various activities. The next session is Friday 1 December 10-11am, with a music theme. 

Today’s assembly was a wonderful celebration of so much that has been achieved this week. Celebrating both individual and group achievements together is a real highlight of the week. We are all looking forward to the firework celebrations this evening too. 

 * * * * * * * * * * 

Pilgrims' Shell Awards

Year 2 - to Leonardo for working extremely hard in all areas this week and focussing whilst in group times. 
Year 1 - to James for his unique and imaginative approach to designing his jet pack. An innovator in the making! Well done, James. 
Year R - to Felix S for being so thoughtful and respectful when talking about important events.

* * * * * * * * * * 

Save the Dates!

A reminder of upcoming events next week and other dates for your diaries for this term. Please keep a look-out for further details.

Please remember that the whole school finishes at 1200 on Friday next week for the Exeat weekend.

Friday 17 November

1200 finish for Exeat weekend


Wednesday 29 November


Drama Workshops


Wednesday 6 December

Pre-Prep Nativity - Prickly Hay!


Wednesday 13 December

End of term


* * * * * * * * * * 


Menus for next week are available here on My School Portal. 

Reminder: no food is to be brought into the school and/or given to boys at any time, especially at sign-out.

* * * * * * * * * * 

From the PPA

Year 2

The best Seats in the House: On Tuesday morning, the boys in Year Two, were privileged to be seated in the best seats in the house! On settling down to their early morning activities, an amazing sound met our ears as next door in the Pre-Prep Hall, the choristers were singing in an Open Rehearsal.

With the exception of one boy who chose to stay in the classroom to complete his handwriting (the best he has ever written), we all went in to watch.  Listening in awe to the beautiful voices, it was a wonderful start to the day. 

Thank you, Mr Lumsden and the Choristers.

Mrs Kent


Year 1

Remembrance, pumpkins and a D & T project; Rocket-fuelled Jet Packs - Year 1 have had a busy week this week. Not only have they been thoughtful towards the subject of Remembrance, they learnt about the hopeful symbol of a poppy and various types of animals that were brave during wartime.

They have also found time to finish their Yayoi Kusama clay pumpkin.

AND (phew!), they have been working hard on our DT project of the term: designing and creating a rocket jet pack to zoom us to space. All boys drew upon previous knowledge from the term and from their visit to the Science Centre last week to decide what would be useful on a space pack. Suggestions included on and off buttons, an air gauge, water dial, a compass for direction, a temperature dial, extra boosters… the list was endless. After drawing an initial design, the boys set to work creating their control panel. They practised using scissors to cut out card and paper, and they used split pins and staples to join items together firmly. The jet packs are really taking shape and the boys are extremely excited about bringing all the parts together. Watch this space! 

Mrs Ford


Year R

As promised last week, the Reception boys had great fun making bread rolls after their trip to the Winchester Mill. Lots of weighing, mixing, squeezing, kneading, shaping, watching, sharing, waiting and tasting were had!  The rolls were a great success and the boys were thrilled with their final products.  


This week the boys have learnt about Bonfire Night and Remembrance. The boys learnt about the Gunpowder Plot.  Do ask your son what Guy Fawkes was going to do and why we celebrate Bonfire Night with fireworks. Firework pictures and clips were watched, showing the beautiful patterns and colours exploding in the sky. 

Great fun was had printing and blowing bright-coloured paints to create firework paintings. Blowing paint to make patterns was quite tricky, but lots of perseverance was shown with super end results.  

Remembrance was discussed, as well as the significance of wearing poppies, both during Assembly and in class. Super poppy pictures were made using collage materials.  

A busy and creative week!  Well done, boys; super work.

Mrs Huntley

Forest School

Year R were most excited about going to the arboretum for the first time; it felt like a real adventure for them. On our way, the boys tried to identify many different signs of autumn. We even caught sight of a little squirrel looking for food! After learning how to set up Forest School on this site, the boys took part in some autumn challenges. Using the fallen red leaves some of the boys created a beautiful giant poppy!

Bit of a wet Forest School for Year 1, but that didn’t stop us. After exploring natural shelters under trees and bushes, the boys had a go at creating their own shelter using tarps, clips and bungees. We also had fun painting with rainwater and seeing how much rain we could actually collect.

Year 2 learned the skill of woodland cocktail making during their Forest School session! After chatting about suitable natural ingredients, the boys set about crushing and grinding natural items together to make a range of rather delicious drinks. The boys even gave their drinks a name, and we set up our own woodland café!

Mrs Walker
Forest School Leader


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