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Pre-Prep News, Friday 3 November


I have enjoyed talking to the boys across the Pre-Prep about our focus for the week – specifically caring for ourselves, our belongings and how we come across to others, including taking pride in ourselves and our appearance.

From Mrs Hall

Our children are all incredibly proud to represent The Pilgrims' school, as demonstrated by both Reception and Year 1 this week during their outings to the Winchester Science Museum and The Winchester City Mill. I was delighted to hear from the class teachers at how well-behaved the boys all were. 

Thank you to all of you who have now logged onto our online learning journal 'Tapestry'. Despite a few teething issues, I hope you will now be receiving notifications of updates. Please do feel free to contribute to your son's learning journal by using the 'add an observation' function. The aim of the 'add an observation tool' is to enable parents to easily share significant moments in their child’s everyday learning that contribute to the development of a well-rounded picture of each child’s learning and development.

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend.

   * * * * * * * * * * 

Pilgrims' Shell Awards

Year 2 - to Will for demonstrating care and respect.
Year 1 - to Arthur OB for his really mature and sensible attitude around the classroom. Well done, Arthur! 
Year R - Yahya for his exemplary behaviour and interest during our class trip to the Mill.  He was very respectful.

* * * * * * * * * * 

Save the Dates!

A reminder of upcoming events next week and other dates for your diaries for this term. Please keep a look-out for further details.

Friday 10 November

Pilgrims' Play

Friday 10 November

PPA Fireworks event, Booking now open - Please go to My School Portal 
and under the Bookings tab you will find the form  to book your tickets.
There is also a SchoolPost message of today's date with price details.



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Menus for next week are available here on My School Portal. 

Reminder: no food is to be brought into the school and/or given to boys at any time, especially at sign-out.

* * * * * * * * * * 

From the PPA

Year 2

Just before we broke for half-term, the Year 2s were very lucky to have Mr Tomas Farriner visit their classroom and allow them to ask him some questions regarding the Great Fire of London, for example:

Q. How did you feel?     A. Scared, for me and my family.
Q. How did you escape?          A. I climbed out of a window. My daughter burnt her finger and my maid sadly stayed behind and she perished!
Q. Did you help to try and put the fire out?   A. Yes I did as best I could.
Q. What did you do after the fire?         

A. I carried on baking and reinvented my business in Pudding Lane.


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The boys were in awe as Mr Farriner answered all of their questions, calling each one by their name. The morning concluded with a delicious cake cooked by Mr Farriner himself. We bid him farewell, as he graciously thanked us for inviting him in to listen to his side of events.

Mrs Kent

Year 1

Maths – number bonds within 10, number bonds to 10 and number bonds beyond 10 
We have been using lots of different resources to investigate number bonds within 10, number bonds to 10 and number bonds beyond 10. The boys understand “number bonds” to mean two parts that can be added together to make a whole, which builds on their knowledge of part-whole models from before half-term. 

We have used Unifix cubes, threading beads, bar models, dominoes as well as dice to investigate this really important building block of mathematical understanding. The Pre-Prep is the lucky recipients of a new bank of iPads as well which we have put to good use playing a pairs game on Purple Mash. 


  • Along with a new set of spellings, there is a small number bond activity in the boys’ Home Learning book for this weekend. Their Home Learning book needs to be handed in at school by Thursday 9 November. 
  • As this newsletter is preparing to be sent out, we shall be returning from our long-anticipated class trip to the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium. Photos will be shared via Tapestry and the newsletter next week. 

Best wishes for the weekend. 

Mrs Ford


Year R

Welcome back after half-term.  It was lovely to hear all about the boys' half-term experiences this week. Everyone appeared to have had a good time with many varied activities.  

This week in Reception we have been exploring the story of The Little Red Hen. She wrote us a letter asking for our help with solving a worry she had. Why didn't the Rooster and Mouse help her with any of her jobs? Why did she have to do everything herself?  Lots of discussion around this and how wheat is ground into flour at a mill.  

This story led us greatly into our first class trip to The Winchester City Mill. We had a great time learning about grain, flour, mill-stones, hoppers, water wheels, cogs and baking!  We all had a go at trying to grind grain into flour by hand, and what a hard job this was.  

Well done boys!  A super first class trip. I hope you have told your families all about what you have learnt.  

We will also let you know next week how our bread-baking went in school.

Please do look on your son's individual Tapestry journal for more information and photos from our trip.

Mrs Huntley

Forest School

This week was very exciting for Year R, as we bravely ventured out of the school grounds for part of our Forest School session. At the start of the session, we chatted about some of the shapes the boys were familiar with, and using our shape magnifiers, the boys became shape hunters in the natural environment. On our way to the playing fields, the boys had fun throwing leaves into the wind, running down the hill and jumping in puddles. The boys very much enjoyed our adventure, which culminated in having hot chocolate at the pavilion.

Year 1’s Forest School session linked in with their Science Curriculum, which requires them to become familiar with everyday materials. After identifying where some of these materials were being used in our natural environment, the boys also thought about the properties of the different materials. As a class, we had fun exploring suitable adjectives to describe them.

Year 2 this week were also exploring materials as part of their Science Curriculum. Using previously learned knowledge about materials, the boys investigated the suitability of the materials in our natural environment and why they had been selected for that purpose. In free exploration time, the boys enjoyed using the bow saw, making wands and using the beautiful leaves in an imaginative way.

Mrs Walker
Forest School Leader



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