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Pre-Prep News, Friday 23 September


Pre-Prep boys and staff have made the most of the Autumnal sunshine this weekwith lots of outdoor play and learning. 

From Mrs Ross 

New friendships and routines are already being established and there is a palpable, positive and purposeful atmosphere, both inside and outside the building.  What a wonderful start to the new Academic Year!



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Pilgrims' Shell Awards

Year 2 – to Isaac M for his focus and concentration during PE with Mr Buck.  

Year 1 - to Ian L for being a great role model to his peers, for listening and being ready to learn.

Reception - to Tymur H for his excellent counting when making a number line in the garden and rolling the dice to move people along it.

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Diary dates: the week ahead

Wednesday 28 September


Second Hand Uniform Shop open

 Thursday 29 September

from 0800

Individual and Class photographs (whole school)

Friday 30 September


Grandparents' All Join In session (invitation home in bookbags and details via SchoolPost letter).


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Menus - Please find a link to next week's menus here, on My School Portal. 

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From the PPA


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Year 2

Highlights of this week in Year 2 have been plentiful. Here are some parts of our week that you may wish to hear more about from the boys themselves at home. 

  • Bossy commands drafted to help prevent another Great Fire of London - brilliantly bossy tone achieved! 
  • Discussions about common jobs during the 17th century – do ask the boys about Gong Farmers…! 
  • Role playing different emotions – we certainly realised that not all the class show the same emotion in the same way. 
  • The end of the class book 'The Diary of a Killer Cat' – are we really sure that the digging up of Thumper had nothing to do with the cat?! 
  • Gymnastics on the Grid with Mr Buck – an exceptional display of rod-straight pike jumps, neat forward roles and the smartest teddy bear roll. 

And, to polish things off nicely, lots of boys have achieved 15-Step Ups and have their first award sticker on their sticker chart. Well done, Year 2. You are really getting into your stride! 
Mrs Ford



Year 1

This week seems to have zoomed by in a flash, a bit like learning about space!  The boys have had great fun deciding what sorts of things they would take with them if they were an astronaut ready to fly to the moon.  Some super ideas came up; from teddies to food to photographs.  Great discussions.

During our Literacy sessions we have been exploring the fiction book 'Beegu' by Alexis Deacon. Beegu is an alien who is lost on Earth after her space-ship crashed. We have been discussing how Beegu might be feeling about this, what her character is like, what her real planet might be like and what her friends might look like.  The boys used super vocabulary to describe Beegu's character and overall we felt quite sad for her.

Great fun was had through designing Beegu's alien friends. We will be making these friends from junk modelling very soon so if you have any bottles or boxes (not too big) at home you could send in with your son this would be greatly received.

A busy week!  Well done boys!
Mrs Huntley



Charlie S (Year 6 Chorister) visits Reception Class for a singing lesson with Mr Burton.

Spectacular counting took place in the Reception Garden this week when the boys created their giant number line together. Co-operative teamwork was displayed as the boys took turns to roll the dice and move along the line in a race to twenty.  
Mrs Ross



Forest School 

Year R and Year 1 had a wonderful time exploring what you can do with all the fallen apples on the ground around the school. Year R had a go at making the longest line they could with the apples, as well as having a go at apple printing. Year 1 tried to make an apple tower, apple people, apple feeders and some boys even made apple boats which we floated down the river.

This week the boys in Year 2 learnt how to take prints of natural items by simply pressing down into some clay. The boys were surprised by all the different natural patterns and quickly learnt which items produced the best prints.
Mrs Walker




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