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Pre-Prep News


Friday 30 September

From Mrs Ross 


Thank you to all who attended our very special Grandparents' All Join in today!  (We will include more photographs next week.) If any Grandparents were unable to attend and would like to join us on another occasion for a tour of the Pre-Prep, please do not hesitate to contact me.




After School Club

Great fun was had at our Supper Club this week, with Mrs Anderson. (available every day from 1630 to 1800 and charged at £10.00 per session. This amount will be added to your bill.) The boys enjoy activities both inside and outside the Pre-Prep Hall, a cooked supper in the Dining Room, and an opportunity to read their reading books to Mrs Anderson or her assistant.

If you would like your son to join After School Club or Supper Club please complete the forms via this link on My School Portal for regular bookings. If you wish to book Supper Club as a one-off, please inform your son's class teacher, teaching assistant or email Mrs Anderson directly, no later than 1530 of the same day. (

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Pilgrims' Shell Awards

Year 2 – 
to Finn for his fantastic manners and engaging conversation at the lunch table. You set a wonderful example to us all. Well done!

Year 1 -
to Aaron for settling so well into our Year 1 class at Pilgrims'.
to Liam for settling so well into our Year 1 class at Pilgrims'.

Reception -
to Arthur J for his amazing drawings.

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Diary dates: the week ahead

Saturday 1 October


Whole School Open Day

Tuesday 4 October


Year 2 trip to Tudor House, Southampton

Thursday 6 October


Whole School service for Harvest in Winchester Cathedral

Friday 7 October


Year 1 and Reception trip to Winchester City Mill
Pre-Prep Cathedral Assembly


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Menus - Please find a link to next week's menus here, on My School Portal. 

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From the PPA


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Year 2

Our learning about 1666 and the Great Fire of London is in full swing. The boys have finished their safety posters using commanding sentences which were creatively produced. We have discussed the main events of the Great Fire which were ordered into a timeline. Do ask them to retell the story of the Great Fire to you, from the weather which helped fuel the fire to the ways in which they were able to quell the face-paced fire without a 999 call. We have even from heard a cat’s perspective on the way the events unfolded! I am certainly looking forward to how our workshop at Tudor House in Southampton next Tuesday will really help us to connect with this period in history even further.  

Last week ended with the boys exploring colour mixing – primary, secondary and tertiary colours – through the lens of Kandinsky. Did you know that he had a theory that particular shapes were better suited to particular colours? He also found that different colours sounded different to him. He has been a really interesting person to learn about. In our Art lesson this week, we shall be using our shapes to create a piece of work inspired by Kandinsky. Do pop into the classroom next week to see the boys’ creations.  

Monday Craft Commoner 

Fourteen Year 1s and 2s had a very sticky time in Craft Club on Monday. We are creating a magnet using the first letter of our name and many pompoms! They are already looking very bright and colourful. They will really brighten up your fridges at home when they are finished. Well done boys on all that Funky Finger work which is helping your fine motor skills to develop. 
Mrs Ford



Year 1

The Year 1 boys have been enjoying their learning in the new class ‘Space Station’ role-play area this week. This has extended their knowledge about living and working in space. They will be creating a logbook of their discoveries!  The boys have also been drawing and labelling parts of an astronaut’s space suit. Ask them where the radio is on a space suit and what astronauts carry on their back.

Last week the boys designed a new alien friend for Beegu. This week they explored colour mixing by mixing primary colours to create secondary colours and learnt a little about tertiary colours too. They will decide which colour or colours they liked best and this colour/s will be used to paint their alien design next week. 

In Maths the boys are working on place value. This week they learnt more about the inequality symbols, >,<,=.  Do ask them about Blockzilla from the Numberblocks programme and which numbers he likes to play with more. 

The term is whizzing by. I can’t believe we are just entering October. Have a great weekend.
Mrs Huntley



The boys have enjoyed making Numicon squares on our new classroom rug this week! The patterns created were beautiful, and the conversation was lively. Much counting and a lot of sharing took place, along with some wonderful discussion about the relative size and shape of the Numicon pieces.
Mrs Ross

Forest School 

The boys in Year R had a wonderful time playing with the fallen leaves. Once we had exhausted ourselves we spent time looking more closely at the veins and using some painting pens the boys had a go at following the veins and creating wonderful patterns on the leaves.

Year 1 had a go a becoming story telling using natural items. We chatted about familiar stories and using their imagination and what they could find in the arboretum the boys had a go at retelling their chosen story. I was most impressed with their natural story boards.

After a little knot practising the boys were given the challenge of building the tallest stick tower they could. It soon became apparent that the first design didn’t always go according to plan and so the boys realised the need to reflect and adapt their designs in order to succeed.
Mrs Walker



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