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Reporting from the Winchester Basics Bank... ​​​​​​​


With the cost of living dramatically increasing, we as a school decided to try and help out.

Last Friday, the Charities and Food Committees went to the Winchester Basics Bank to donate all the food you as the school gave to us. We went to their warehouse, and offloaded all the food and even sorted it out for them.

There we learnt the basics of how a food bank works. When someone walks into a food bank, the food bank will give them a sheet that tells them the recommended portions and amounts for one person, two people, and so on. Usually the serving isn’t simply doubled for two people compared to one, as two people can typically share. Unfortunately, due to the severity of the cost of living crisis, more and more people are relying on food banks, to the point where around 500-600 people now go to one of the four Winchester Basics Bank sites scattered all over Winchester.

Now, if you want to help out with the situation, firstly it would really help the food bank if you would donate tinned fruits and vegetables and drinks like instant coffee and milk. Secondly, the bank also appreciates clothing donated to them such as new pants and socks, large clothing and men’s shoes sized 10 and 11. (Further information will be linked down below with their website.) Finally, to further help with the cost of living crisis, we have chosen to endorse two local charities: Street Reach a charity that helps young children to do extra-curricular activities that they may not be able to afford, and No Limits, a charity that gives advice and counselling to anyone under 26.

Thank you for all the help you have given; people in need have really been helped by you all. 
Patrick C, Year 8


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