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Spotlight on... Warhammer Club


Warhammer Club offers the opportunity for boys to immerse themselves in the Warhammer Universe.

It might be that you want to battle it out with magic and monsters in the mortal realms or plunge yourself into the futuristic battles of the 41st millennium. In this club, boys are taught how to build and paint models to develop their artistic and creative talents. Once the models are built and painted, they muster their forces and are taught how to battle using strategy and logistics and develop their inner Sun Tzu.

We also encourage students to dive into the wealth of books offered by Games Workshop's Black Library. With Henry Cavil (also a keen Warhammer enthusiast), now having signed up for the first film in the Warhammer Universe franchise, there has never been a better time to delve into the rich lore of Warhammer. As well as art and literacy, Warhammer Commoner gives students a chance to develop their numeracy and statistics knowledge. It provides boys, across the junior and senior year groups, the perfect opportunity to socialise and build friendships.

This week in Warhammer Club, Phil Vine from South East Wargaming, joined the boys to run a "speedy painting" tutorial session. Many space orcs, rats, death guard, lizard men and even a Demon Prince were painted. The technique used involved spraying the model black, dry brushing light greys and whites over the model and then adding contrast inks to provide depth and definition to the model's colours. The boys were brilliant and represented the school very well.

David Orr
Head of Science


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