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Summer reports season

This week’s article will be necessarily short as I have spent much of my time writing reports for all the boys.

Reading all these reports, two things strike home which I'd like to share:

  1. Oh, my word your sons are talented!  The range of things that they are doing and are into is breathtaking
  2. The teachers really know your sons.

My first observation above has been and will be played out in full for everyone to see in the coming days as we wind down this academic year. Rock the Boat, the LAMDA and Art and D&T shows and the Pre-Prep Sports Day this week, the Athletics Finals tomorrow, followed by the Summer concerts, Pre-Prep Final Assembly and the Prize-Giving next week, will give us all plenty of moments to marvel at the boys' talents and feel both proud and amazed.  Congratulations to every boy on what you have achieved this year, and thank you for showing us some of it in the next few days!

The second observation is important.  One of the marks of a GREAT teacher is to care. Deep care for another person is often reflective of how well that other person is known, and it is abundantly clear from reading the reports that the teachers really know your sons, and that they care a great deal. Some of their comments are laser-targeted in their focus; mostly it is encouragement and congratulation, but there are times when teachers also tell a few home truths and that is important too.  

Does your son read his report? I hope he does, as his engagement with the process is important.  Reports are written with the intention of highlighting what is going well, and suggesting what can be done to make things better. Children need both affirmation and constructive criticism in order to progress. 

This year, I have written in a number of Head’s reports something which actually applies to all; that it might actually be a good idea for your son to read the report twice, once now (so as to bask in the glory!), and once in the week preceding the start of term in September. 

Why would re-reading your report at the start of September be a good idea?

  1. It is encouraging to be reminded of the good things
  2. It is the right the time to re-instill the areas to work on at the forefront of  boys’ minds 
  3. It may help the transition back into school

Many boys fly back into school in September, but some boys (and some staff!) take a little while to readjust after a summer holiday, and re-reading your report may help to ease the transition. Try it!

I hope to see most of you between now and the end of Thursday, but if I don't manage to speak with you personally, may I take this opportunity to wish all of you a happy and healthy summer break. 


Alistair Duncan
Interim Head

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