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  • Summer reports season

    Published 01/07/23, by Angela Slater

    This week’s article will be necessarily short as I have spent much of my time writing reports for all the boys.

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  • Be useful, and keep moving forward

    Published 28/06/23, by Angela Slater

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is the holder of arguably the most famous quote of all movie history: “I’ll be back”; but this week I have had two other very simple Arnie quotes running around my head.

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  • Step out of the comfort zone

    Published 19/06/23, by Teresa Ingram

    Continuing a recent theme, I thought I would write this week about another hidden gem (though this one is not necessarily Pilgrims’ specific), which is the teacher's perk of getting to go on residential trips.

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  • Another hidden gem

    Published 09/06/23, by Angela Slater

    I wrote a few weeks back about how one of the hidden joys of being at Pilgrims’ was getting to sing hymns every week. [There was one on Monday that I really didn’t know; I was a bit lost! Still, what you don’t know today often becomes something you love next week]. 

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  • The importance of being a gracious winner

    Published 26/05/23, by Angela Slater

    In assembly this week, I talked to the boys about competition, and competitiveness.  

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  • Important Women in History: redressing the balance

    Published 22/05/23, by Teresa Ingram

    It is right that historians from time to time revise our interpretation of the past, specifically rethinking what previous historians believed and wrote. 

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  • Small things matter

    Published 01/05/23, by Teresa Ingram

    A recent assembly began with this conundrum: which are the most dangerous animals on earth?  The answers, though debatable, are not always what you would expect.

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  • The benefits of singing a hymn

    Published 24/04/23, by Teresa Ingram

    As a teacher, the start of every term comes with mixed emotions. 

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  • The Engine Room

    Published 24/03/23, by Angela Slater

    The end of term is upon us; and what a term!  The school has been a buzzy and busy place, but perhaps even more so than usual. It has definitely lived up to my description as the 'Engine Room' of the year. 

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  • Taking mental health seriously

    Published 17/03/23, by Angela Slater

    I’m sure some may tire of me recommending sports documentaries (that is not all I watch – honest!), but I want to start this week reflecting a little on Ben Stokes: Phoenix from the Ashes, which can be seen on Amazon. 

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  • Why don't you...?

    Published 10/03/23, by Angela Slater

    I have completed my one-to-one appointments with Year 5 parents to discuss future schools; it has been fascinating, and I love these meetings. 

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  • How do you define success?

    Published 03/03/23, by Angela Slater

    After the completion of the inspection last week, I felt the need for a bit of a break, so I took some time last weekend to get stuck into a Netflix series that I have been very keen to watch: Full Swing.  This is a brilliant documentary following players on the golf PGA tour during 2022; I gorged myself on four episodes in just a little over 24 hours!

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