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World Space Week


In this week’s Thursday Reflection, pupils at the Pilgrims’ School learned about World Space Week and the importance of looking after space and using space technology to look after the planet.

By resolution 54/68 of 6 December 1999, the General Assembly proclaimed World Space Week, to celebrate the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition. World Space Week is the largest annual space event in the world. The week helps build up the workforce of tomorrow by inspiring students; demonstrating visible public support for the space programme; educating the public about space activities; and fostering international cooperation in space outreach and education.

Space and Sustainability

The World Space Week 2022 theme is “Space and Sustainability” focusing on achieving sustainability in space and achieving sustainability from space. The theme is inspired by how sustainability in space relates to how humanity uses space, most pressingly, the orbital area surrounding Earth.

Space exploration and remote Earth observation can help drive change for our home planet. This includes measuring climate change, identifying pollution on land and at sea, and supporting agriculture in developing nations (cf. United Nations, 2022 World Space Week, available at:

Paul Bryant
Co-ordinator of SMSC


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