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'Excellent' Inspection result


We are proud to have been rated an ‘Excellent’ school in a recent Independent Schools Inspectorate’s (ISI) Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection.

The inspection was completed in February 2023 and Pilgrims’ achieved the highest possible rating across all areas of our provision for pupil achievement and personal development. In the Focused Compliance Inspection, Pilgrims’ met every statutory standard.

Chair of Governors, Ian Power, said “We are thrilled that the report has successfully captured the many unique qualities of a Pilgrims’ education.”

Interim Head, Alistair Duncan said, “These judgements represent the very best grades that the school could have achieved, and we are delighted. It is so reassuring to have fellow professionals recognise and comment on the great work happening here at Pilgrims’.”

Here is a selection of positive observations from the report: 

  • Leaders have ensured that the school wholly fulfils its aims for pupils to nurture and find their talents and to be the best they can be.
  • Pupils are curious, with a thirst for knowledge and understanding which they demonstrate and develop through their intelligent and perceptive questioning.
  • Pupils’ attitudes to others and behaviour are exemplary throughout the school; they are polite, courteous and considerate, prepared to help others both within and beyond their community.
  • Pupils have highly positive attitudes to learning and show increasing proficiency in their study skills.
  • They [pupils] are confident and assured that they can be themselves, nurtured by teachers who praise and encourage them and celebrate their achievements.
  • They [pupils] understand how to think through a decision, appreciating how their decisions may affect them and others they live and work around.
  • Pupils’ increasing spiritual awareness is embodied in the Christian ethos of the school. 
  • Pupils show great respect for others in their school community regardless of their cultural background or tradition.
  • Inspectors found that [School] leaders maintain a sharp focus on the wellbeing and nurture of the pupils, in readiness for their move to senior school.

Read the full report  here –


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